Lakemba inner sub-clubs provide support to the community

While The Lakemba Club is better known as a hospitality and entertainment hub, two inner sub-clubs, the Lakemba Services Social Club and Lakemba RSL Sub-Branch, seek to assist the local Lakemba community.

The role of the Lakemba RSL Sub-Branch is to provide support to ex-servicemen and women of the Lakemba area. The sub-branch meets every second Tuesday of the second month to discuss any updates or changes to government policies that affect veterans and exchange information that is useful for ex-service personnel needing help.

“There is a huge need for support of our ex-service personnel. Many of our current members have related stories of relatives coming home from war and suffering from many of the same debilitating symptoms,” said Rob Smith, former secretary for the club.

Aside from that, the Sub-Branch also host a number of official functions that commemorate veterans including Anzac Day, Anzac Sunday, and Remembrance Day.

“The sub-branch has several WW2 veterans, service personnel from the Malaya, Korean Vietnam, Gulf Wars, Afghanistan and Iraqi conflicts as well as national service men and those who served in the military forces during times of peace. The Sub-Branch offers help to widows of ex-servicemen and has a program for visiting ex-service personnel who are in nursing homes and hospitals,” said Mr Smith.

For more information about the Lakemba RSL Sub-Branch, call The Lakemba Club on 9751 5888.